Friday, January 4, 2008

Granny's quilt

Here is the whole blanket. It is so cute. She will use this for years. And her colors too. Pink and purple.

Amanda's bed...

Granny made this blanket for Amanda's bed. It is so cute. I know it was in the other picture but we needed a close up of it. It has a little girl sleeping on a pillow under the blanket. Amanda saw it and said, "Ah, it is so cute!". This is her saying for anything that she likes (stuffed animals, dolls, scrapbook pages I make, ect.)

Above is a closs up of the whole blanket.


Here is a closs up of the cabinets. Amanda and her books and stuffed animals and Jake with his trucks.


Here is Amanda's side of the room. Can you tell she is into Dora this year?

Jake and Amanda's room

Look at the new furniture. Actually it is old but in a new part of the house. This was the stereo cabinets. Since I have owned it for 8 years though and never had the stereo hooked up I didn't figure it was worth cluttering up my living room any longer. Jake and Amanda do not have a dresser. This works very well for them and helps clean up the room.


Jake in his bed. He looks so tall. He is tall but he is standing on his tip toes. His armpits go over the side of the bed with the mattress all the way down when is on his tip toes. (the only way he stands)

Pretty in Purple

This is one of the Christmas outfits that Granny got Amanda. We always worry about a white shirt with Amanda. She is just like having a boy. Not a clean stitch on her. We made it all day in this then about an hour before bed she snuck in Mackenzie's room and got ahold of her make up (blush or eyeshadow) that was brown and now the shirt is covered in makeup. I have washed it once and most of it came out. I am going to try one more time before I give up.