Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rainy day... baking day...

Jake and I baked all day today. We made loaves of bread, rolls, and homemade chicken noodle soup. For dessert we made cinnamon rolls. Boy, was it all good but I sure am full. It was a good day to cook since it was so cold today. It kept the house nice and warm...

Hi-Jinks at school...

Here the district is so small the carnival is held at the high school and everyone K-12 goes to it. The kids had lots of fun and every one had their costumes pleanty early this year so we were able to go dressed up.

Amanda is half angel, half devil
Kayin is a pirate wench
Mike is a black ninja
Kenzie is Snow (a character from the Vladimer Todd series)
Jake is a firefighter

They all had lots of fun and this finished off the busy weekend of Scouts.

okay, getting Kenzie's blog set up but need to get everyone's email so that they can see hers. I am not willing to leave it open to the public.

I still need the following people'e emails.
Laura, Erin, Betty, Fleta, Patsy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scouts this weekend...

Well, Mike sold popcorn for Cub Scouts today at the Commissary and Nex. For once we were early and had our table all set up and waiting for the others to get there. The boys did a good job today and had fun too. Hopefully Mike is as excited tomorrow because we have one more day of it.

Redwood forest...

October we had a death in the family on Darrel's side. We decided to drive back to AZ for the funeral services and to help Jeanie with whatever we could. Since we left a few days early we decided to make a mini vacation out of the trip down there. We went through the Redwood forest and into San Francisco and on to AZ. On the way back we rushed back but everyone seemed to enjoy the trip there and was ready to get straight home after being gone 9 days. I actually found a restaurant that had my name spelled the same (very rare). Jake slept in the closets when we were at the hotels. He loved it. He even closed the doors when he layed down. The older girls shared the other double bed and Mike and Amanda shared a hide-a-couch. Jake loved having his own area. The first picture is of the whole family standing in the chandelier tree where cars can drive through.

First Day of School - New School Year

First day of school and all the kids were dresses so nice. Jake had to pack his lunch like each of the others. He got to walk them to the bus and then we had to go to the park to eat our lunch. It took a little bit of adjustment for him to realize he is home alone but he is doing good with it.