Monday, August 30, 2010

Camping in the front yard...

Darrel thought the kids would enjoy smores for a dessert one night. The kids were more excited about the fire in the front yard than they were eating the smores. That is with the exception of Jake who enjoys his food that he is allowed to have since there is so much he is allergic to. Mike had a friend spend the night and as you can see they both ere enjoying lounging. I can see them as teens doing the same thing...
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kaylin all dressed up!

Well, last night was crazy but it was worth it! Kaylin has a friend in AZ that she still talks to all the time but they don't get to see each other. Adam called earlier in the week and was flying in for his aunt's wedding this weekend. He invited Kaylin to the wedding and reception. Well, she con't stay the whole time (6 - 11) because there was NO WAY I was staying in Seattle with 3 kids in tow waiting for her. I decided I could take Mike clothes shopping while we waiting on Kaylin and kill two birds with one stone.
I may have done that but let me tell you - Yesterday was a long day! I should have layed around and read until it was time to go but no. I guess I am definately one of those people that the more I have going the busier I make myself.

Darrel says he called at 4 am and I talked for 30 minutes. I don't recall so hopefully it was an enjoyable conversation. Then I was up at 5:30 am (not sure why when my typical time is 7 am). Then I took Jake to the dentist and we went out together for some famous "STARBURTS" I fugured after the dentist was better and it did get him in the chair and mouth open. (haha) Next I decided I was doing something with most of the kids so I might as well make it a special day. Kenzie and I went to the gym and played racquet ball (what fun that was. Kenzie is not coordinated and I am old! BUT we had lots of fun). Then we went upstairs and worked out on the machines. Kenzie loved that too. We stopped by the library and picked her up some books before we headed home. Then it was time to fix Kaylin's hair and get dressed so we could get off to Seattle. The wedding was held on a docked ferry at Lake Union. Kaylin thought that was cool.
While she was there Mike and the little ones headed with me to Northgate mall for clothes shoppping with Mike. Now mom can tell you, it is not fun shopping with Michael for school clothes! I went in totally bind! Darrel had told me earlier that day "Kris, Mike is like me. don't worry about price or anything. Just walk in the store and find the boys section and have him pick out what he wants. Don't ask him are you sure or anything. Try it on and if it fits buy it". Okay, anyone who knows me would know this is a feat because I am a deal shopper but I wanted Mike to enjoy this and so that is what we did. We walked into JCPennies and I said "go for it" and he said "Do we have to shop here?" Okay, so we went out into the mall and went looking for a guys shop comparable to RAVE or something. Guess what, he is still barely in kids clothes so that really limited the stores. We passed game stop and all I heard was "I got clothes at home, can't we just stop and get a game for my DS instead?" Forget that 3 of his 6 pairs of jeans have knees ripped out and another pair are too tight in the butt. Well, we ended up back at JCPennies and after trying on the first pair (which did not fit because Mike is a weird size) he says can't we just grab a few pair and buy them these are fine as he was holding his breath and sucking in his gut then needed my help getting the button undone. TWO hours later we walked out with 4 pair jeans, 4 short sleeve shirts, 6 long sleeve shirts, and two belts. I gave up on the undies and socks. I decided I would just get them at Wal-Mart and by myself! Amanda and Jake were really good considering. It was only the last 15 minutes Jake was saying he was ready to go. Boy, he is going to be just like Darrel with shopping too! I am not looking forward to that. I think from now on it will be a yearly thing for Mike and Darrel to go shopping and I take the girls!
It did turn out to be a good and productive day but I was falling into my bed by 9:45 last night and I did not stay up to read a chapter or two in my book. Darrel would have been proud if he had been here.
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Bet Austin hasn't done this!

Darrel taught Mike how to use the backhoe. Michael loved it. They dug a trench and pit for the kids to play in. I am assuming it will be Mike and any friends along with my other dirt addition of Amanda (there is no way we will be able to keep her out of it). She has already decided she can take a backpack out and put all her babydolls in it and play out there. Mike got done and Darrel said what do you think and Mike said, "I bet this is something Austin hasn't gotten to do." I don't know why unless when ever he talks to Austin he always said "I got to do that too" when Mike says things. Billy watch out. It looks like the cousins have some competition going.
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Here is one of the tree stumps Darrel got out. Look at those roots. Cedars sure grow big and deep! We even found part of the tree in the ground is petrified. The kids thought that was cool.
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Here is my baby boy while my big boy in the back is moving the wood for us to chop up. Jake sure loves it outside. I so wish he was not allergic to grass. This poor boy better outgrow some of the allergies or he is going to have a misserable life and itch a lot because there is no way he will ever be an indoor person.
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Back Yard...

Well, Darrel went crazy trying to get rid of
blackberries. Hopefully with as well as he scrapped
the back yard they won't come back. It looks
much better now and he had fun with the toy
he rented.
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Last School Year...

I have not been posting all summer. I can't
believe how busy we have been. Here are some
of the posts. Mike last year was recognized for
Academic Excellence in Math. He was in a
competiton for the district of 3, 4, and 5th graders.
We was only 3rd grade but he came in 1st in
the district. Granny, thanks for the money.
He loved it!
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

More for Mandy

Okay, here is the last of the shirts. And don't forget the rain slicker.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mandy's princesses

She really likes the lunch box.
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Kenzie's shoes

Kenzie seems to like the new shoes. We will see how long it lasts.
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Mandy and Kenzie

Mandy really liked the shirts that
came with jewlery. I think we will
be going to Claires for some
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Shopping for Mandy

Well, Amanda decided she likes this clothes shopping. Above is the leggings
and the purple shirt. We then matched them up with the pink and even the
black and white strip. Finally is the pair of butterfly jeans. We have one more
that I will post that is a gray shirt with jeans.
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School shopping

Well mom, the top left is the outfit from JCPennys that was just great!
Top right is the overall pants she loves and also the undershirt that we
have bought for her. The are great for wearing under all the shirts.
Bottom two are the other jeans.
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