Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Pantry shelves

Well, Darrel built shelving in my pantry room so that there was more. Before they only had very narrow shelves that were only 8 inches high. Darrel made them tall enought to hold my 2-liters and apple juice containers. The babies need their Apple juice! I know have somewhere to put all my sewing and crocheting stuff.
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Well, we had a wonderful valentines day. Darrel got me my lillies and we all had lots of fun. I made heart pancakes for the kids for breakfast and everyone got a little something. It was a nice day.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Duane is the only man I know that still uses hankies... My grandpa used to. I remember it very clearly. Since I had out the embroidery machine I thought I would make a couple for Carter and Duane. However, Kaylin said we couldn't leave out the girls so we made a set of keepsake ones for the three babies. They are going to Jeanie and she can hand them out or keep them in her keepsakes...Duane, I hope to see a picture of you and Carter when he is 2 using your hankies!

The Clock...

Mom, here is the clock. I took the picture the day we put it up. Since then I have cleaned off the mantel and added flowers and a vase. I will get another picture up soon.

Mom, here is the clock

Baby Carter...

Baby Carter will be here soon (Tuesday or Wednesday). I didn't realize they had the baby shower so I didn't get anything sent. Tiff said she can use some burp rags so here they come. They have not been able to find anything that says Papa so here are a couple coming his way.

Blackberries taking over....

Darrel is trying to get these mowed down so that we can try to control them when they come back in and get some paths set up so we can pick them easier this summer. This is a mess and they hurt!

Kaylin's B-Day

Kaylin had a great 14th Birthday. She got to have friends over and did movie, cake, pizza, and skateing. They had a blast. Then she got to spend the night at one of the friends. We even had cake before Pizza. Busy night.

Bill in WA

Well, Bill has been up here the last couple of weekends. He has been working in Portland but staying here over the weekends. As usual, I put him to work. Darrel needed help putting up the surround sound and mounting the TV. I have before and after pictures here.