Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008 - Poulsbo cont.

After the walk around Stewarts neighborhood.
Here is Mackenzie and Kristen. She had fun being around another girl. Michael is enjoying the last piece of candy he is getting for the night. Here is Jake on his second wind and soon to be his third with that lollypop.

They all really enjoyed the night and it was great for me too. We had 6 adults walking around with all the kids so it worked out good. We had about 1 adult per 2 children!

Halloween 2008 - Poulsbo

Well, Michael's troop leader ended up inviting us over for dinner and trick-or-treating. We went and had a great time. It ended up being all the PTSA that was invited over so I felt out of place. Anyway, Jake had the best time. He was old enough this year to understand suckers! to the right he fell asleep about 7:30 in the car. I know the picture is bad but it was so funny watching him hunch over and out cold. I finally picked him up because I was afraid he was going to fall out and it woke him up and he got a second wind.

Below, is the kids at 4:30 when we started the night. boy, getting home at 9:00 sure feels like a LONG four hours@! It was fun though and they all had a great time. There were a big group of them so it made it more fun.

Monday, October 27, 2008

video of the kids.

Playing in the leaves

The kids had fun playing in the leaves before we bagged them all up to fit in the ghost. We will take a picture later today after they have finished decorating the front of the house. I am glad the weekend is over but I think the kids had lots of fun this weekend.

fall in Washington more...

Fall in Washington more...

Pumpkin patch Cubscouts

pumpkin patch Cubscouts more...

Micheal's cubscouts went to a local corn maze pumpkin patch. They got a tour of the farm and got to see lots of chickens. Amanda thought those were great! Michael liked the corn maze the best I think. Jake liked that he got to pick a pumpkin.

That is prickly....

Michael loved playing the games and the girls liked the cake walk and the coloring mostly. Amanda won a cake on the cake walk and had half the frosting licked off before we made it home.

Amanda wanted a picture with the ghosts until she had to set on the bail of hay. I got one picture and then she would not put her legs down because the hay was hurting.

Fall Festival

Here is the kids at Fall Festival. Gloria stayed home with Koda and Jake and I took Sissy with me. They all had a great time.

Michael was a mummy that turned into a zombie when all his paper fell off.
Amanda was a Dora snow princess (*who had to wear the rain boots so she could get through the snow because that is what snow princess has to do)
Sissy was a black cat and did great!
Mackenzie was Pebbles from Flinstones.

Darrel even though he was not there ended up winning the chocolate basket so I have a challenge trying to keep the kids out of this until he gets home.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I ended up with 8 bags of green apples. I have to pick the red ones this week (probably tomorrow). Then it will be canning all weekend long!

Working in the yard

Last week we worked in the yard. It was cold out but nice. The kids all enjoyed the lawn mower. Darrel let them all try it out. This was actually the first time Mackenzie and Mike got to drive without Darrel on it. He was right there though.


Here is a dish cloth I made. Then I made this scarf for Mackenzie. She has not seen it so I will probably keep it for christmas. It is very vERY soft! She is going to love it.


Here Mike is getting his Cubscout badge.(bobcat)
He is doing really good! I am sure it is because Darrel is doing so much with him!

Amanda watching TV with Jake

Here Amanda wanted Jake to watch tv with her. She made him comfortable hoping he would stay there.

Michael with the camera...

Darrel let Mike get the camera while I was in a store. Some of them turned out really cute. This was one of the best of Jake we have.

Then you get things like this... I assume this is the back of Mike's throat. Big tonsils!

The Zoo day...