Sunday, December 28, 2008

snow Ice cream

Granny called and said we should make snow ice cream and the girls got excited. They made it and it tasted okay even though they forgot the egg. maybe next time we will make it right and it will taste even better. They all loved it though.

Darrel's gifts

Well, does anyone else notice Darrel finally found a remote bigger than his head! Maybe he won't loose this one.

The Shark was suppose to be for me but I wrapped it and put Darrel's name thinking I would be cute *(like he would want to use a steamer around the house) In stead of it being funny he goes "ah right, I finally got a steamer to clean my truck tires with!" Boy did that backfire. I did explain that it was NOT to be used for that! It was inside only!

I loved my software for the computer to use with my cutting machine Darrel bought me last year to scapbook with. Hopefully I can get it loaded and use it soon. We loved the hand print from Michael. It was a great gift. And I finally got around to getting Darrel's dad's flag framed. It only took 11 years. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. He loved it! And we even have already found a great place for it. I will have to get a picture taken soon.

Mike's favorites...

Mike I think liked the legos the best even though Darrel and I were worried he wouldn't like them because they were not Star Wars. He has played with them the most since Christmas though. We were so happy. They were the best priced items we found (regularly 60 -80 dollars and we got them on clearance for 15 each)

more presents for Mike

Mike's presents...

Kenzie's favorite

I think kenzie's favorite was her baby doll and all the accessories. She found a great way to hang up all the extras and it turned out really cute. We will ahve to take a picture of it and post it soon.

baby dolls and extras...

Mackenzie and Christmas presents

She got such a variety of items this year...

Amanda's favorite

Dora and dolls. Those were amanda's favorites. Although she does love her pretend kitchen.


Amanda's presents

Kaylins favorite...

She says her favorite might be her Harry Potter short story book but they are all her favoirtes so she is not sure.

Kaylin's presents