Friday, June 13, 2008

Plums and Pecans

Well I don't know which one it is but I know I have a pecan tree. Also that funny shaped oval is a damson Plum. They can stay as small as 1 " (about the size they are) or they can grow to a normal plum size. I guess we will just see. Many use in jellies and jams. No fig tree mom. sorry. I guess the good lord is being nice to me after all. (or he knows that many grapes will be enough).

Patsy, you were right. The trees out back are grapes still. Difference is they are seedless.

One more hidden against the wall. It looks like a baby...

Greenhouse.. Patsy are you green with envy?

here is the green house. Like I have time with 4 kids to grow plants. I guess the lady that lived here used it though. She left pots and all.

And the roses I didn't know about.

These flowers are up against the house behind the fruit trees. All I ever saw was the trees. I didn't notice the flowers by the house. And of course, more hens and chicks.

And what is this...

I am sure it is not a fruit tree. Maybe it blooms another pretty flower. It looks a little like a cottonless cottonwood but it is definately smaller and more bushy growing.

More apple trees...

Concord grapes?

I know I have concord grapes but I don't know about this tree again. This leaf when you pull it off and rub it it smells just like grapes but it is anothe tree/bush like the green ones, not vines like normal grapes...


Okay, here a re the grape trees that don't look like grape vines. Are they still grapes. I have grape vines there to the right and I know they are grape vines. they look just like grandpas in the yard.
Maybe it is just a tree and not a fruit tree at all....

Another green apple tree I think.

I don't know this one. Here is the fruit though.

More red delicious on the bottom. what is the top though??

Roses and hens and chicks...

Okay they are the roses I knew about. Look at all those hens and chicks around the house too...

Green apples? Granny smith?

There are two trees here that are the same. I assume a green or yellow apple> Maybe granny smiths?

And this??? No fruit showing

Okay what is this? Narrow long fruit showing

Christmas tree

The kids are excited about decorating the christmas tree in the front yead!

More cherries?

More hens and chicks

Forgot about these on my doorway. I have so many. Just wait.

Peach or apricot>?

This is a fuzzy fruit. Maybe a peach or apricot?