Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Real birthday Kenzie

Kenzie is officially 10! I can't believe it already. I think she had a good day. I took her early to get a birthday treat for her class and they got pudding cups and then I picked her up for lunch and we went to subway (her favorite lunch spot up here). After school she got her presents and we had spagetti for her birthday dinner. Everyone except her and I are not well. We had them all home from school today except her and Darrel came home from work and went straight to bed without dinner. Hopefully they will all be feeling better tomorrow. She got a bike from us and Aunt Missy. she got a camera from granny and papa sent her $10. Unk (Darrel's Uncle) sent her $10 also. Kaylin and Mike got her a camera case and Amanda got her a webkinz puppy and Jake got her speakers for her MP3 player she got for christmas. Kaylin gaver her a gift also. Sorry it is sideways. I couldn't figure out how to turn it.

Jake and Amanda

Jake and Amanda have really enjoyed the extra hats. Amanda has been running around putting them on everyones heads saying they are now married. Jake was trying so hard to get away from her. She can get in such a lovy mood sometimes.

Party time

Here we were with her birthday cupcake and this was a mini cupcake and we were able to fit 10 candles on it thanks to Kaylin. I didn't think it was possible. She got lots of nice gifts! 2 Webkinzs, gift card, tinker musical doll, tinker toy, candy, stuffed animals. 9 girls showed up and they had lots of fun.

Kenzie's party

Kenzie's party. Well, Kaylin and Kenzie's birthdays are only 5 days a part and kenzie this year had her party early because late would have landed on Valentine's day so we have just been busy busy busy. I made the party favors and things for her party. Above is the hats that I made for all the girls. Kenzie loved them. It cost $4 for 12 hats. That wasn't too bad. They turned out much nicer than just paper hats. She wanted a tiny tinker party so we made all these little foods for the buffet and they played fairy games. They had a great time. That morning she got to open grannys gift and guess what... she has a nicer camera than her parents now!

Red Lobster

We took Kaylin's gifts to the resturant and opened them while we were waiting for our food. She liked them all. She got another tinkerbell toy, boombox, and 50 coin display. She is collecting the 50 US coins so Kenzie and Mike thought she would like it. Amanda and Jake got her the tink and Darrel and I got her a boom box. She missed her one from AZ and they were not able to pack it here in her lugage.

After that we came home and had birthday cake for dessert. Tres Leche cake (3 milk cake) It is her favorite

Kaylin's 13 !!!

Kaylin's mom sent her a $25 gift card to go towards her dinner out since she loves Red lobster, that is where we went. she also got her a tiny Tinkerbell toy. She has a teacher (math) that had the same birthday as her and her favorite color was green so we made this necklace for her. I hope she liked it. Kaylin said she told her she loved it. (I have learned over the years though, being a teacher, you can hate something and still love it because of who thought of you) Hopefully she really does like it. We took balloons to Kaylin at lunch time and we also was able to let her talk to her mom at school. She loved hearing from her.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Doll Quilt

Well, I had a million squares (6 inch) and was going to make a queen quilt and then I got so scared that I would mess it up I decided to cut it down and I made 3 lap quilt tops and 2 baby doll tops. I then was nervious about making them so I started with the babydoll quilt and I tried to quilt it. I got it penned, tacked and trimmed then binded. Here are the pictures I have. I loved how it turned out. I can't wait to finish the rest of them. Determined I have to do this during nap times though.

Boston Cream cupcakes

Jake loved the boston cream cupcakes we made for desert this last month.

Amanda and her teeth

Well, I should have known this was not going to be simple. Amanda has a bad tooth that the doctor says they are going to have to pull because it is so bad and since it is a baby tooth she is better off having it pulled than trying to save it and continuing to have problems. It is inflamed so they needed to give her antibiotics to get the swelling down before they pull it. Well, they gave her straight Penicillin and guess what, she is allergic. None of my kids have been allergic to penicillin based antibiotics but none have them have been given straight penicillin until now either. She had purple freckles all over her face, around her hair line and around her eyes, and then all over her neck, and behind her ears and down to her shoulders. We have been taking benadril round the clock all weekend and they are finally fading away. You can't see the ones around her eyes anymore and all that is left are her neck and behind her ears. They were the brightest and worst. They called in a new prescription and flagged her file with NON-penicillin meds only. We will go later today to pick it up.
Michael is STAR STUDENT this week. I beat teachers dread making him STAR student. I know I always dreaded my problem students getting that much attention. They usually acted worse. Hopefully he won't. He has done a lot better this year. A few setbacks every now and then but nothing like the previous years (weekly).
Kenzie has a sore throat and is very irritated that she can't find something to make it better. She has tried cough drops, warm water, and nothing seems to be working. I think her nose is draining and down her throat. This morning she woke up and it did not hurt as bad as yesterday but she has no voice. I figure it will just cut down on her talking to her friends so since she had no fever and seemed to feel fine other than her throat, I sent her to school and told her to call if there was a problem. She got to ride her bike so I am assuming since she made it and I didn't hear from her in the first hour she is probably going to be fine.
Kaylin's birthday is on Thursday. She is excited. We decided to take her out for her birthday since it is just a family year party. She wanted red lobster for the calamari. I think she will enjoy her gifts. We will see though.
Jake is getting goofier than ever. His newest thing is to stand and act like he is falling over and fall on the ground and then wait for everyone to look and laugh or clap before he stands back up. Hope family in Arkansas are all doing better. I know we are cold here (we haven't been above 38 for quite a while) but our weather is nothing like there. No snow or bad ice. Just small freezing that is gone by morning when the sun comes up.