Thursday, March 27, 2008

Down stairs

Here is the living room with fireplace down stairs and the small kitchenette.

There is also a canning room and a pantry down there. Oh, and don't forget the cedar room. I now have that extra closet space I have always needed. (ask mom)

Perfect setup

There are three bedrooms upstairs (master and 2 rooms) and 2 bedrooms downstairs. (perfect) I have always dreaded having a master where I would have to climb stairs or having one of the smaller children down if we were upstairs. This worked out perfect. Mackenzie and Mike can be down and the two younger ones can be upstairs with us. Kenzie liked this room best because it had the closet that was so big under the stair well.

Mike of course did not care what he got. He just loved that he was down stairs away from us.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March has been busy!

Well, we have been busy here. Darrel is in Washington State if you didn't know. We all (the four kids and I) went last week over spring break to see him. I needed to find a place to live since we will be moving there at end of May (or first week in June) and needed to at least see where I was going. I dreaded it but once we got there it was wonderful! I loved it. We found a great house, the kids got to do some sight seeing and we spent lots of time together which was not bad. The house is 5 bedroom and 3 bath with a basement. The nice thing is the basement can be entered by the garage so you don't have to take any furniture through the stairwell. The house is older (built in 1979) but it has all the things we were looking for so I don't mind. Here are some of the pictures. The kids love the house too so that is nice.
Here is a picture of the entry way where there is NO carpet to ruin when you come in wet. (yea!) Just forward and to the right is the entrance to the laundry room where we will be keeping things when they are wet.