Tuesday, August 19, 2008

house and apples cont.

Above is the original front of the house facing Lincoln but is now the side of the house.
The apples from this tree seem to be all over the ground. There are still some on the tree though. They look like they are getting closer to ready. (The other tree was granny smiths though)
These are the yellow and red like a Johnathon or Mcintosh. the last picture is of the other side of the front where you can see the windows in front. from across the road the cherry trees block the windows and you can't see them very well.

House picutres

Here is a picture of the house from the end of the driveway. This was originally the side of the house and the garage entered off the side. It has now become the front of the house.
Also, there are the grape vines that have gone crazy but no grapes I can find.
The apples on the other hand are pleanty just not ready.

zuchinni in Washington

(This was after I had cut a 3 inch chunk out of it. the end is setting about where it would have been.)

Well, here is the zuchinni I was telling you about from the neighbor that was so big and still good. We ate the zuchinni bread, fried zuchinni, zuchinni lasagna, and I still had enough for another 2 loafs of bread.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Catch for the night...

Here is a picture of the catch for the night. There wer lots of flounders. Darrel filleted it all up. He learned he is not filleting another flounder smaller than his hand. They are too much trouble for very little meat. However he and Michael also learned grilled in butter they taste just like boiled crab.
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Granny wanted a picture of the girl because she has not seen any of her in a while. I noticed the picture when I put it with Michaels was really too small to see. I know it is not what you wanted but it will have to do until I get another one of her today.
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The end of the night...

Mackenzie finally picked a fish up by the end of the night and Michael just got goofy by the end of the night.
*Here he is pretending the DEAD fish is biting his nose*
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The fun...

Everyone had fun except for Amanda this trip. It rained the whole time we were out there. Michael caugth the big one. Mackenzie wouldn't hold a fish and Amanda determined it was too cold in the rain.
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10 sharks - Aunt Melissa Math

Michael learned you can always catch a shark in the bay so he doesn't want to swim there. He also learned a little math. He caught one shark and then one more that makes 2 but the last one we cut up we found 8 babies in so 2 + 8 = 10. Michael has caught 10 sharks now the kids have determined!
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Weekend on the boat

Our weekend...
Darrel took them out on the boat for a fishing 101 class.
They had fun. Caught lots of flounders and a dogfish (shark).
We learned lots too. Like playing with the fish makes you stink worse!

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