Friday, July 25, 2008

Playing Ball

Michael and Mackenzie out playing ball with Darrel. Michael was catching some fly balls. He had so much fun.

Mt. Rainer

Here was a clear day and we were able to get a picture of Mt. Rainer. Yes, it is July and has snow on it.

Ferry to Edmonds

Here is a picture of the ferry that Darrel has to ride every day to and from work. They hold about 250 cars.

Darrel in the boat first

I felt it best for Darrel to take the boat out first and at least drive it around in a circle before we all got in with him. Here he is just getting back so we can climb in with him.
Here is Michael yesterday setting in the driver seat. He was so excited. He can wait to catch a crab.

Test ride cont.

Here are some more of them.

Test ride

Well, Mackenzie and Michael will get to ride tomorrow. They went with a friend on a road trip today and so the two youngest and Darrel and I ventured out for a short trip (10 min). They had a blast. Jake thought this was wonderful. Look at his smile...

New boat

Well, Darrel has been looking for a boat since the first week he got here a year ago. He finally has one. We got a good deal. It is in pretty good shape. The kids love it and tomorrow is the first time they will get to go fishing on it.

Here Darrel is testing the drive to make sure it is going to work in the water. We would hate to get out there and it not drive. Water is going everywhere so we are good to go.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jake was not phased

Well, Amanda when she was Jakes age was scared of the fireworks noise. Jake is not bothered by it at all. He sat in his car chair and watched and watched. He would stand up like he was going to just jump out and go grab it but never moved. Here you can see the sun from his cheeks the day of the fourth when we went to the parade.

July 3

Well, fourth of July is way different here! It is a two day party! People over here celebrate on the evening of the third so those that drink can have the fourth to recover. Those who don't get to party for two days though. The kids got fireworks on the 3rd and 4th. Darrel even let them all set some off (except Jake).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jake walks when he is mad

Jake walks a lot when he is mad. Here he is wanting his cup of milk and Mackenzie is not fixing it fast enough. Amanda of course is basking in someone else's misery.

Mackenzie on the Piano

Here is Mackenzie on the piano. She wanted to play
it for granny so she could hear her.

Hi Benjamin!

The kids saw Benjamin's songs and wanted to send a message back to him.
Mackenzie likes the video and granny being able to see her on this. If it works
she wants me to record her playing the piano so granny can hear how good
she has gotten.