Monday, February 11, 2008


Oh, Patsy will get a kick out of this. Forgot to tell you how Michael finally got both of them out. The first one fell out when he bit Mackenzie on the leg. The other one fell out when he was playing football and he threw it and it bounced off the wall and hit him in the mouth. They both were very loose when each happened but not the typical way of having them fall out I guess.

Toothless Mike

Well, these teeth have been loose forever! They finally fell out. He is all gums in the front. He has his two incisors on the bottom that are loose also.

Now I'm beautiful!

Amanda has been telling me for weeks now she needs a hair cut. She has scared me that she will try to cut it herself so I pulled out the sissors and cut it the other night. I trimmed off the back about an inch and a half but it curls up so it looks like a lot. Anyway, after I cut it she said " Momma, now I am beautiful!" (she is only told she is beautiful 10 times a day. I guess that is not enough)


Well, her birthday was Sunday. 9 - I feel old. She loved her birthday though and especially her webkinz she got from granny. I don't have a picture of it though.

Amanda and her pretty dress

Amanda may play hard but she still likes her dresses...

The baby is getting big

Funny thoughts

Amanda says the funniest things...I asked amanda why she was putting stickers all over her legs. (she had my little pony stickers) She said the ponies would protect her when she fell down.


Here are all the pictures I was talking about before.