Thursday, July 23, 2009

Go west... part 8

Go West... part 9

last part.

More Fourth of July...

Well, we finally found the good 4th pictures so I will get them on soon.

Skate Creek Fun...

Everyone thought the water was cold but they sure had fun after they first got wet. They all had different reactions the first time they got wet though...

End of a LONG day...

We left the house at 7:30 am and we got home at 10:00 pm. It made for a very long day but the kids did great on the way home because after all that, we stopped at the Skate creek and the kids played and then climbed back in the car and crashed!

Mt. Rainier National forest

Then we went to the forest at Ohanapecosh. They had a trail hike called Grove of the Patriarchs that we did. The trees where huge. The kids enjoyed this alot. It wore them out. We were so glad.

Mt. Rainer

We went on a trip while Kaylin's mom was here this last week. The kids had a lot of fun. There is just nothing like seeing snow in July. We went and saw a waterfall too.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 11 - My birthday

33 and what a great day it was! First, I got to go take one of my tests for teaching. I had been dreading for months how it was on my birthday and ended up being a blessing in disguise. I got to take a 2 hour drive with no kids, set in a school and take a five hour test about schooling which I love, drive back 2 hours alone, make a pit stop for ice cream to reward me for how good I felt I did on the test and a birthday gift, stop at a scrapbook store to browse, bead store to browse, Joann's to browse then come home to the kids where Kaylin was fixing the frozen pizza's that were bought so I would not have to cook (a reward since I usually make things from scratch up here). Next, I took a shower and no one walked in and asked any questions (first time in probably eight years). Finally, I come back in and I have a birthday cake and the house was picked up. I am not sure I could have had a better day at all. Amazing how the older you get the cheaper the nicest gifts get!

4th weekend

We went with Gloria and Lee to set and see fireworks. It was fun. Then we went on the boat the next morning and to Kingston for the kiddy rides. The kids liked the horse rides and cars the best. Jake was my little helper. When the wind picked up our wrappers Jake took after them to get the trash and throw it away. Remember when Amanda was my neat freak! Boy, have times changed!

Jake sleeping

Jake sleeps like Darrel. It is so cute!

More fishing with the kids at Wild Cat lake

Jake has the fishing pole here and everyone had to watch out. He has the drop and tip and pull rythem but he kept hitting Amanda in the head when he would drop the end of the pole and he thought it was funny which made him want to do it more.

Fishing with the kids...

Darrel loves taking the kids to the parks/lakes here and just letting them cast out.

Wildcat lake was fun for fishing but everyone's favorite is the playground at Island lake where they get to play! It also has the big field they can run and play sports in. It is close and we almost always pack up dinner and eat there because of the park tables to eat at!

2nd day of Viking Fest AM

Mackenzie had Miramba concert also the next day. It was such a busy weekend and it was the first time we all got burned in Washington.

2nd Day of Viking Fest

After Mackenzie's concert we got to go on the rides. The kids had a blast!

Viking Fest

Well, in May was Viking Fest here. It is similar to Gilbert Days. The kids had lots of fun and Kaylin was in the Parade. Amanda and Jake's favorite ride was the carousel. It was well worth them being happy all day. This was the same weekend Darrel was on his fishing trip so everyone got to have fun this weekend!

Wolf to Bear

Michael is now a Bear! He did so much work and he received his patch and 1 gold arrow and four silver arrows (which is extra work). We gave him a cubscouts wallet that we got him for promoting. he was excited because he lost his last wallet so he has not had one for a while.