Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hippie Day

Well, I think mom has already blogged this but she had different pictures than I did. All three of the grand kids won best hippie for their classes. Mackenzie then won for the K-3 grade levels. It was a fun day! Mackenzie was very happy with her costume. She is even thinking about being a hippie for Halloween. Boy would that make my life easy. (I'm sure she is going to change her mind in the next month!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Michael's Night

Well, Mom has Michael at her house. She has found that there is something at her house that he truly loves... the computer. That boy could stay on a computer forever (almost). Melissa was just telling me about a boy in China or somewhere that died from exhaustion because he did not sleep for three days and stayed up playing a game. We could both see Michael doing this. I guess it is a good thing the computer is a real treat at home. He was so excited about getting to spend the night at Granny's house. Hope he has a good night.

On another note, I have decided Melissa is nuts!... We went from a weekend at the beach, to Legoland, to Disneyland, to Disneyland and Breakfast with the characters, and now plus another child (actually exchanging the baby for a 4 year old - Austin). Don't get me wrong, he will have lots of fun - However, Michael is a handful by himself and so is Austin, but mixing the combination together spells nuts. I (who feels like I can tolerate more of the kids together than anyone in the family) can usually only take Michael and Austin for about an hour before I am looking for the drugs. It isn't fair that all the other grand kids go though and he does not.

However, the relaxing weekend at the beach is now WAY out the window!

Monday, September 17, 2007

One more day..ah....

Well, I got up to go to work this morning thinking again like I did last night of how busy this weekend was and how I just wanted one more day off. Well, did I get my wish or what. My sitter (Billy's wife - Kimmie) called and said she was sick.
I called in and was able to get a sub (a good one at that which makes it easier not to worry all day unlike some days I have taken off) and typed up sub plans in 45 minutes (which sometimes takes me 2 hours) and we were home by 8 am to relax and enjoy the rest of the day and that is exactly what we did.
Amanda and Michael watched a couple movies, Jake who has been staying up a lot more lately (only napping an hour in the morning and 2 hours at nap time) slept until about 11 am then got up, ate, and went back to sleep until 1:45. I read a book (Harry Potter #3 - I saw all the movies and then I had to read all the books and find out what other good stuff they left out!) and sat on the couch with Amanda all day. Around 1 pm I got up and picked up from the breakfast and lunch mess and picked up the living room we had lived in today. I went to the bank and then made it in time to pick up Mackenzie from school. It was an overall great day!
The evening felt just as long and just as slow which was nice considering we still got dinner, homework, and playing done for the night.

And it is 8:45 and I am ready for bed. I am not even staying up late (unlike Melissa who has just started work at home and IT IS 8:45 PM)

Hope everyone is sleeping and having wonderful dreams. I hope I just sleep like Amanda is now.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Scrapbooking pages

Here are some pages I did last week. Wendy came over (a cousin) and we just had fun watching the kids play and we scrapped.

What else can I do?

Well, I really hadn't been feeling like four was that many when I was just working and taking care of them but then it seemed like things just got out of control with all the other things. We had a vehilce to sell (who wants to do that ever?), I have school things to tend to, the kids wanted to do sports, scouts, and the list keeps going. I was starting this weekend to feel the pressure. Luckly, mom helped with the car and it is now gone. I didn't get as much for it as we were wanting but I don't have to spend all weekend messing with it either. You take the good with the bad. How much was my weekend and possible week worth? The kids started soccer yesterday. They have every Saturday for the next 12 weeks. Now I have to finish my grocery shopping today that I have tried to do all day. Melissa currently has two of my oldest and they are swimming. The two younger are going down for nap. Hopefully I can get the house cleaned then. Post more later.