Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Mackenzie is 12!

My Chunky Monkey girl turned 12!  She still loves her Aerial though. She chose to have an ice cream cake this year from Cold Stone Creamery. Her favorite dessert place!  Next year she will be 13. A true teen.  My last year to enjoy her being young.  However, the attitude that comes with the teens I think she received early. Sometimes this year we have received some really surprising comments from her. Shockers that have made me freeze not knowing how to respond. I know it must be that red hair because it seems like you can't figure out what might have set her off. She is wearing my clothes from my senior year in high school and it already within 2 inches of my height so she will not be staying a little petite thing. Her shoe size has grown to a 9! I'll be lucky if any of my children don't out grow me. They must have all received Darrel's height. Her and Kaylin get along like true sisters and I hope that they stay close as they get older. They have both received unique situations. Mackenzie has always been the oldest and in the last couple years she has had to stand down and accept the fact that she is not the oldest kid anymore. I am sure part of her has been upset about this and we have had some fights over this the past year. I hope she realizes though how much she used to complain about being the oldest and getting the brunt of it all and lessons learned on her.  Now that has been handed over to Kaylin. Maybe she will see that she can step back and learn from someone else rather than having to learn by error on her own. Everything has positive and negative points. I only hope that she can see all the pluses and enjoy experiencing this unique opportunity to be in a different position.  Nothing in life is perfect and I hope that my kids can learn to always think on the positive of any situation and what they can gain from it or how they can learn from it rather then what was wrong with it or what they didn't like. I think it has taken a year but she is finally starting to see this. She is already talking about when Kaylin gets her license she will get the experience of watching Kaylin make mistakes that she won't when she gets to drive. She is also thinking about all the places Kaylin will be able to take her until she gets her license.

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