Thursday, December 8, 2011


Grandma is here!


Mom came out in May to see the kids before school got out. She stayed through the end of the school year. They were all so excited to see her.  Grandma cooked and they loved it. Granny and Kenzie made cinnamon rolls and there is nothing Mackenzie loves more than cooking with her granny.

Mike and Amanda loved having her pick them up at the bus stop each day. 

Mike loved having her drive him to his soccor practice and play in front of her. He really is good at it and loved his coach this year. Hopefully we will be able to get him again.  

Lot of park trips took place. Jake's favorite past time even though he can't play int he grass.

And granny's favorite past time of yard work. There is never enough time to get it all done and there was always a surplus to do. Granny never ran out of things to do in the yard. Since that is her favorite thing other than playing with her grandkids though she was set while they were at school each day.

More planting to do...

And Kenzie got to have granny come to school for a major science project that she completed. Her teacher was extremely impressed over her project, knowledge and effort she put into the project and that is saying something because Mrs. Strand is not easy to please.

Granny leaves the middle of June but the kids will enjoy having her around until then. We really need to get the bathroom finished outside in the small room so that it will be more convient when people come to stay.  It worked out great her being able to stay out there though and she loved having her own space when the kids became too much.


  1. Even though I have not been commenting...I have been reading them all....and love them.,

  2. Happy Birthday, Kenzie. Feb. 10, 2012